Christian jehovah witness dating

10-Aug-2017 16:29

You shall not live in a house with someone of the opposite sex unless you are married to them.

You shall not live in a house with someone whom you are divorced from.

You should not believe that the bible supports the idea of unicorns as renowned in legend. Compare So the sun stood still and the moon did not move until the nation could take vengeance on its enemies. The sun stood still in the middle of the sky and did not hasten to set for about a whole day. You shall believe that the bible is scientifically sound. You should weigh the risk/benefit ratio when considering any medical treatment.

You should accept that the bible is the most effective help in handling mental health issues.

You should be rebaptized if at that time of baptism you were engaging in a practice that would have resulted in being disfellowshipped.

You should be rebaptized if you feel you lacked sufficient biblical knowledge at the time of your baptism.

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It is not a time for outbursts, partying or hilarity, nor is it a grim or sober time."Women cannot teach in the congregation, they cannot deliver public talks or say public prayers.