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Komen awards three-year postdoctoral fellowships to individuals working under the guidance of experienced cancer researchers in order to recruit and retain young scientists in the field of breast cancer research.

In addition to funding research, Komen and its affiliates fund non-duplicative, community-based breast health education and breast cancer screening and treatment projects for the medically under-served.

The other .8 million went to supporting services, including .1 million (10 percent of total expenditure) toward fund-raising costs and .6 million (11.3 percent) toward general and administrative costs.

After the Planned Parenthood controversy, donations dropped and the foundation canceled half of its fundraising 'Race for the Cure' events, but Brinkler received a 64% increase to 4,000 annually, which drew fire and was considered "extremely high" according to Charity Navigator's CEO.

The term "pinkwashing" has been used to describe two different situations; 1) organizations getting disproportionately large amounts of publicity for donating very little, and 2) organizations that use the pink ribbon to promote products that may be carcinogenic.

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3.2 million of this went towards program services: .4 million (20.9 percent of total expenditure) went to research, 0.8 million (39.1 percent) went to public health education, .9 million (13 percent) went to health screening services, and .1 million (5.6 percent) went to treatment services.Believing that no single approach to breast health will prove effective around the world, Komen works with local communities and organizations to develop programs for particular groups or cultures. Komen for the Cure announced their involvement with the US-Middle East Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research, a Middle East Partnership Initiative program that unites leading breast cancer advocates in the U. and the Middle East with the goal increasing early detection of breast cancer and reduce mortality through improved awareness, increased clinical resources, and research.