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When Aidan tries to start the car, nothing happens.

He gets out of the car and runs off, and a vampire shatters the window and yanks Krissy out of the car.

he's wearing an Army uniform and discovers that the door is barricaded shut.

Dean slides the barricade away and goes outside, and discovers dozens of bloody corpses in the hallway.

She tells Castiel that he's ready and looks at the dozens of other Dean corpses lying on the floor around them.

A man is walking along the road at night near Great Falls, MT.

Crowley joins Jody Mills, who is at a bar to have a blind date.

She thinks that his name is Roderick and they chat back and forth.

Someone runs past again and the trunk suddenly flies open.A couple park on a dark road overlooking the river and make out.A van pulls up nearby and someone runs past the parked car.Dean makes his way through a factory, gun drawn, but Castiel knocks him down, breaks his arm, and stabs him in the chest.

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The lights come on and Naomi comes out and congratulates him on his quick, brutal murder.

The Winchesters tell him that they got the other half of the tablet and tell Kevin that he's closest to the end of their quest and seal off Hell.

In his 1624 history Smith claims (there seems to be no other corroboration) to have sent this "little booke" to the Queen on Pocahontas's 1616 arrival in England. [painting; engraving] [Electronic Version] [View Images: page 11] Chamberlain, John. … continue reading »

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I mean, that presumes that any of these women are interested in dating a woman because, otherwise, she’s gonna ask out a guy.… continue reading »

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The Silicon Valley USPTO will host an informational public tour of its office located in the 3-story Wing building of the San Jose City Hall Complex.… continue reading »

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You may have multiple photos, create a Favorites List, send a virtual Flower, block a member from communicating with you, use our advanced searching and matching systems, and save your searches to use over again.… continue reading »

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FALL OF A MILF: A Submissive Tale I was home getting dinner started when I heard the front door open, then slam shut. … continue reading »

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