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Let them know how much you cherish them with a personal gift maybe a special poem or a handmade gift that you make yourself just for your partner.

There are linen and silk gift suggestions in the 4 Anniversary gift article.

He is excluded from all the plans, and is ultimately disintegrated along with clones 5 to 10 when the original Dipper accidentally sets off the emergency sprinklers.

His last "words" were "It's better this way for Paper Jam Dipper." (when translated).

Doing things together creates opportunities to bond and share deeper thoughts about life.

Have a family house party (kids play family DJ) 98.

Listen to old school music (make the kids sing and dance along) 97.

At the end of "Double Dipper," he and the other clones disintegrate due to contact with water.

Paper Jam Dipper was created by accident in an attempt to clone a fourth Dipper for a plan to steal Robbie's bike, distracting him and giving Dipper a chance to ask Wendy to dance. Take a local mission trip (visit homeless shelters and give meals) 58.

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