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12-Aug-2017 21:08

Even the most popular Bollywood movie arguing for 'one life, one love', Karan Johar's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998), had the hero falling in love twice! This is the sort of script that world champions of the desi rom-com genre would've taken to an altogether level.

To be fair, director Tanuja Chandra (in fine form) makes it more than a 'qarib qarib' lovely, and surely worth your while in the theatre.

If anything, Irrfan's dopey-eyed, curly, oily haired, middle-aged Vyogi, in track pants, appears far too creepy to score even a conversation on a first date in a casual coffee shop scene (the double L in this film's title, for lack of an explanation, probably stands for two lattes).

His shakl is like a stalker's, the hero himself admits." He's the sort of Hindi-Urdu speaking, endearingly extroverted, 'atrangi', 'dil ka saaf' type 'shayarana' character that takes much getting used to. On the face of it, the hero wants to show off his past three intense relationships (or girlfriends) to prove how those women adore him still.

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Frankly, this delightful film carries within it such a charmingly mature, old-world take on love, lust, and romance, that it's hard to believe that its plot effectively hinges on a seemingly shady online dating site that gets a girl (Parvathy) and a guy (Irrfan) to meet in the first place.His Holiness’ great contributions have enriched Toronto,” Tory said in a statement.