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2) The use of this story in a larger work without his express permission. Asking an artist what art he collects is basically the same question as asking a singer what music he listens to or asking a movie star what actors he "admires." It's stupid, lame, tabloid pap and the most meaningful question your average celebrity interviewer can think up with the two brain cells at their disposal.3) The use of this story on any CD, BBS or Website without the written permission of the author. All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. I give them the answer they want to hear of course, watching their eyes glaze over when I talk about Cezane or Monet.Science and medicine didn't escape my attention either and I soon had a working knowledge of at least a dozen fringe subjects.

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When I say "volunteered" I don't mean that she came up and offered herself to me.I didn't make much, certainly not as much as I later discovered the owner had made, but it got me noticed by a few serious collectors. The look of their posters had become such a part of their image that they asked me to come along. I designed everything, posters, album covers, advertisements, tee-shirts, stage costumes even the stage sets themselves.