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27-Jul-2017 15:41

She rapped a strip around the bed and my legs to hold them in position without slipping.

With another strip she tied her ankles together then she climbed on to the rocking chair facing away from me and tied her feet to the rungs of the arms so that they were held in place.

Amy lay down on the carpet with her legs spread wide open.

I selected the 2cm vibrator to begin with, licked it, slid it inside her and turned it on. Soon she was moaning with pleasure and near to orgasm, so I turned it off and pulled it out.

We stayed in that position for five minutes afterwards panting heavily, until Amy told me to untie her.

I did and then disentangling myself from the strip holding me as I did so, I lifted her on to the bed.

Reaching under the bed she pulled out a box which she opened.

Inside was a set of eight battery operated vibrators, starting at 2cm thick and going up in 1 cm intervals to 9cm. " "Okey dokey," I replied and we both stripped off.

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"Tie my arms to the back of the chair please Jack," she said.

After she'd got her breath back I did it again, this time with the 3cm one.