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After cleaning the engine at the local car wash I also found that an oil weep from the timing chain cover had stopped as well.I am very happy with this Liquid Intelligence result and would recommend this product to anyone. NRMA’s bi-monthly Magazine Open Road is exclusive to NRMA Members.Liquid Intelligence 230 will rejuvenate dried and hardened Buna-N, Polyacrylate, Neoprene Rubber, Styrene-Butadiene Rubber, and, Polyacrylonitrile oil seals in transmissions, power steering systems, differentials and engines.I was knocked back for registration because of a rear main seal oil leak.Eventually microbial contamination can clog fuel lines and stop engines.Microbes in the form of bacteria and fungus can only be removed or controlled in a fuel system by the use of a professional concentrated diesel fuel biocide.To be sure of the best result call Peter on 1800 441 163 (7am to 7pm seven days a week – including public holidays – except Christmas Day) and have a chat about your particular application.

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It is guaranteed to work because this is a professional strength product for serious commercial use built to work every time. Diesel fuel has very low levels of biocide added at the refinery… because its assumed by the fuel companies that the diesel will be used within a short period of it reaching the service station. and long periods of fuel storage will create ideal opportunities for microbes to grow.The ester and phenol chemical combination swells, softens and rejuvenates the physical properties of dried and hardened seals.All nitrile, polyacrylate and isoprene elastomers engine seals and gaskets are subject to deterioration, cracking and leakage over time.To be sure of the best result call Peter on 1800441163 (7am to 7pm 7 Days A Week) and have a chat about your particular application.

The Liquid Intelligence 230 Stop Leak Seal Expander formulation contains a unique combination of ester and phenol additives.

Eventually microbial contamination can clog fuel lines and stop engines….often with critical and expensive consequences to the fuel delivery system.

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