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which means "Special Operations Group" in English) are the specialized police tactical units of the sixteen German state police forces.Mainly unrecognized by the media and public, the main missions of SEK units are to serve arrest warrants and to deal with barricaded suspects.The front-runner is the SEK of the Berlin Police with up to 500 deployments a year, an average of 1.4 deployments a day.The comparable unit of the German Federal Police is GSG 9.


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After West and East Germany were unified in 1990, some ex-officers of the Diensteinheit IX in the Volkspolizei were merged into the SEKs after thorough political evaluation procedures, such as with SEK units in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern The SEK received a name change from Sondereinsatzkommando to Spezialeinsatzkommando when it was announced in 2013 because the former is usually associated with Sondereinsatzkommando Eichmann (English: In 2015, the SEK was called in to intervene in Erfurt, Thuringia after a 48-year old man barricaded himself in his apartment and acted violently towards EMT personnel with an SEK operator wounded during the raid.

A Reichsb├╝rgerbewegung supporter was confronted by the police in 2016 in Bavaria with the SEK deployed with one operator shot dead after they were ordered to seize the man's weapons due to being mentally unfit to handle them.

Now a tradition, the historic Egyptian Theatre in the heart of Hollywood served as the exclusive venue for GERMAN CURRENTS, kicking the festival off with a sold-out opening night.

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