Methodist dating intimidating other

06-Aug-2017 08:49

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I realize I hadn’t.

Note the perspective in both Anonymous’ post and the referenced comment. It’s an ecclesiology wrapped up in personal autonomy.

It’s a faith in which the highest allegiance is to the self.

Titled “#Hands Off My BC” and authored by a United Methodist clergyperson, the blog made an emphatic case for universal access to birth control while also including these admissions: I chose to go on birth control because I didn't want to get pregnant and I wanted to have sex.

And, if you have a problem with that, then we should end this relationship right here and now.

But, I won’t ask you to convert – I refuse to cry for your soul.” My (now) husband accepted my ultimatum, and I accepted his marriage proposal almost a year and a half later.

If that group includes you, I want you to know your vote is not simply about homosexuality and it’s not about justice.

It is instead about dismantling the entire sexual ethic that has helped define the Christian faith for two millennia. That’s not the faith I signed up for, nor is it the church I was ordained in.Many of my centrist friends are heading to Portland in May and will cast votes either to retain or remove the language describing what United Methodist believe about homosexual intercourse.