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12-Jan-2018 11:22

The earnings isn't directly related to views, it's related to ad revenue which is related to impressions among other factors.

Have been verified and have uploaded our ID files but have not gotten any confirmation that it was all received.

This is a huge opportunity for people who'd upload their vids anyways. Let me know what you think about it hit like & fav too AND CHECK OUT MY PROFILE DAILY FOR PRIZES & CONTEST!! #Shynie Hi I just joined the amateur models program.

be happy :p We joined this program at the end of January. Please like and subscribe to my videos and channels for hot MALE ON MALE action with some hot dominant tops and myself....

I love showing off my pussy, and my husband is on here too! Who doesn't like some fun money for doing what you already do?

Is the age to apply based on legal consent age or when you're qualified as an "adult"?

What's up girls thank you for all the views and couple likes I appreciate it it's my first week at this so please comment and let me know how I'm doing so far and give me ideas suggestions about what u want to see thank again Please add me ladies, I'm not picky and just want to build my friends list.

I think there neerd to be more explanation about this.You'll be paid a portion of the ad revenue made from featured videos you upload after you joined the program. , if you do please like and comment and let me know what you want to see next! It's very likely a video uploaded in say November, will only have earnings added in December.The better the video does on Pornhub, the more you will get paid. So it takes about a week to show earnings from a new video..We are holding videos to upload but want to make sure they qualify for any potential payment. Thanks for the program, we are having fun coming up with all kinds of creative ideas...

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i just want to say its fun to be a part of this amateur program , fun to read all nice comments people writing to us, and follow your videos how the grow in views over time.

All you need to do is sign up for a FREE Pornhub account and get verified by the Pornhub Admins. then there's the fact tht in a submission for the contest there had to be at least 1 woman in the vid. Even if your videos aren't featured, they will make money slowly and you can watch what you're making from the Amateur tab in your settings. You could forget about your profile and still be paid in time!