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'Then the police said something I will never forget.

'There is a DNA match.' A local Bridgton man, a mason called Michael K Hutchinson, who was just 19 at the time of Crystal's death, had been arrested for threatening someone.

was stabbed over 50 times, with sufficient force that the knife tip actually broke off and became embedded in her head, all in addition to the fatal wound she sustained in her chest.'At some point during this stabbing, the victim was screaming.

This case involves a brutal sexual assault and murder.'While Sarah is relieved to have some closure, she cannot forgive the brute who killed her mum.'Maybe I could if he admitted it,' she said. I can't go and see him and have a dialogue.' At last facing her demons, in the past year, Sarah has returned to Maine and looked into her mother's murder herself.

'The police put in hundreds and hundreds of hours of work and, as a result, it was easy to convict her killer once they had a DNA match.'Glad that her mum can finally rest in peace, Sarah feels sure she has grown into a woman she would be proud of.'I am living in Brooklyn, New York, I'm educated and I am happy,' she said.

The books listed here are set completely or partially in real or imaginary places in the state of Maine. Cozy mystery series featuring New York textile designer Avery Baker, who inherits her aunt's old Maine cottage, moves to Maine to renovate it, and finds a new career path in home renovation.

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The killer entered the home in Bridgton, Maine where Sarah Perry, then 12, shared with her mum, Crystal Perry, 30, and is believed to have raped the single parent, before stabbing her more than 50 times, leaving her mutilated body on the kitchen floor – all as her terrified schoolgirl daughter cowered in the next room.

Despite their hard work, officers found no solid leads and all Sarah could do was try to move on with her life, but 12 years later she received a call to say police had found a DNA match.