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Very quickly a demolition team moved in and the Theatre was no more.This caused an outcry, leading directly to the formation in 1972 of the 'Save London's Theatres Campaign'.There was a large refreshment saloon situated to the side. Mr Campbell, having declared the memorial stone well and truly laid, was presented by Mr Matcham with the silver trowel he had used.' The ERA, 3rd September 1898.Above the balcony was the gallery constructed of concrete steps with seat padding on the edges. Fortescue's comedy review 'Come, Look and Chuckle' at the Granville Theatre, Walham Green March 28th 1938. Above - A postcard depicting the Granville Theatre, Walham Green, Fulham Broadway The Theatre opened on the 19th September 1898 with a capacity 1,122 people, and Dan Leno topping the Bill.The circle and gallery were built on the cantilever system, everyone having a clear uninterrupted view of the stage, there being no supporting pillars in view. The proscenium was 25 feet wide and 25 feet high, of square picture frame design, however the stage was very shallow being only 10 feet deep. Other famous artistes to play the Granville Theatre over the years were Gus Ellen, Marie Lloyd, Marie Loftus, Gracie Fields, George Robey, Naughton and Gold and Tod Slaughter, etc.Height from stage to grid was 45 feet, height to under the fly rail of 18 feet clearance, and the distance between the fly rails was 30 feet. Above - A postcard showing the Granville Music Hall, Fulham circa 1908 - Courtesy Sandra Chestney In 1929 behind the stage house, the two shops were purchased and demolished, allowing the shallow stage to be deepened and a dressing room block, on Vanston Place, to be added to the Theatre.The making of programmes there commenced on the 7th August 1955.

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The entrance to the stalls was from the corner vestibule along an open verandah type corridor, from which a view of the stage was obtained, the corridor ending at the stage end of the building and down wide steps at the side of the stage into the auditorium. In a chat I had with Mr Norman Fenner some years ago, then a member of the Frank Matcham Society and archivist at the Richmond Theatre, who remembered well his visits to the Granville Theatre, he said that 'the ladies toilet in the stalls was a bit of an embarrassment as it led straight off the stalls, with only one cubicle, which meant the ladies having to queue in the auditorium.' Downstairs in the basement was a refreshment saloon, underneath the Entrance Vestibule above.Above the stalls was the balcony, being 6 rows of seats with fixed backs richly upholstered in velvet. A Memorial stone was laid by Mr Herbert Campbell which read, 'This stone, was laid on September 1st 1898 by Herbert Campbell' followed by the names of the proprietors, the architect and the builder.There being no stage boxes, the balcony front extending almost up to the proscenium arch. The ERA stated in its 3rd of September 1898 edition that 'the onlookers being moved to much mirth by the comical comments on the proceeding by the irrepressible Dan Leno.Two shops and offices adjoined the Theatre and for many years a showroom of the 'Gas Light & Coke Company' was situated at the far end of the site. The Theatre was designed by the famous Victorian architect Mr Frank Matcham, who used all his skill to create a Variety Theatre on such a small cramped site.

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The Theatre opened on the 19th September 1898 with a capacity 1,122 people. The exterior façade was in the style of 'Queen Anne'.

The Campaign realised that legislation was needed to protect theatres, and was instrumental with others, in securing the necessary support to set up 'The Theatres Trust'.