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I have been hearing from various sources that certain cons are having an issue where female cosplayers are either being taken advantage because of (or being photographed) in outfits that are generally physically compromising to their privacy in a way that would be acceptable in the innocent environment of a convention but not in an audience that has been infiltrating conventions to take advantage of the female cosplayers.I've seen some stories from both sides and I have to say: this is something that should be avoided at all costs, at the discretion of the potential victim.If you wear a revealing outfit then expect people to take pictures.There not all gonna take pictures because they know the series they might just like your hot bod.[color:red]TL; DR: Bad men could take creepy pictures of you and post them on imageboards or attempt to pick you up.[/color] Now, if you want to be picked up or do whatever, that's none of our business as long as it's not illegal or disruptive.At the very least consult a friend to reach a conclusion on who to tell.I don't want any more of those scary stories posted anywhere and I don't want anyone to be a part of any of those scary stories.

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5: [color:purple]Keep to areas with lots of people.[/color] Someone should intervene if a major problem starts.

[color:red]I don't mean to scare anyone[/color], or make them feel like Anime Boston is an unsafe environment full of predators, for it is not, and people take extreme care to make it safe.