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raphael's mother was forced to leavethe service of the Cortez family. Now in an alien world in which Kami is known as the Soul King, and beinghunted by ignorant 'Shinigami', Naruto must adapt, Stipulations:1. At age four, a near-fatal accident leaves a young Naruto blind and defenseless. MUST include a scene with the heroine, whoever she may be, in the rain.3. "Bill Alain's Second Challenge Also new thought that popped into my head that is in no way-never-ever-not-not-definitely-maybe related to the release of The Hunger Games. This is a kid who contains the most powerful tailed demon in him, and yet, he get's tossed around like a rag doll in almost every fight.After giving birth to Raphael, she moved to Rome with him, to try and start a new life. In a last ditch, desperate attempt a now blinded Naruto jumps through The Gate, the single cumulative entry point to all dimensions created by Kami. Knowing that his chances of being killed have jumped through the roof, Kyuubi strenghtens his other senses to the point where he can 'see' more than others can believe. The Ninja Games Challenge: We all know that the ninja of the Elemental Nations have become glorified soldiers, eager to launch the biggest, flashiest, most destructive jutsu before the other guy, well in this world, it's because of the Games. The Chunin exam is replaced with the Chunnin Games.3. The only time he hasn't been tossed around, that I know of, was against Kakashi at the beginning of Shippuden.Harry/Hermione, Harry/Luna, Harry/Bellatrix, whatever. What I won't accept is people saying Ginny used a Love Potion on Harry in actual canon, and say that's the only plausible way the two of them could have hooked up.Because quite honestly, these people who say this really need to re-read the book, or re-watch the movie, and pay close attention.Ron ate those Cauldrons, and not even a minute afterwards, he has become completely obsessed with Romilda vane.So much so that he forgets his current girlfriend Lavender Brown, and nearly knocks Harry's block off for a comment Harry makes. Harry does become obsessed with Ginny, but to a much lesser degree then Ron was with Romilda Vane.At the age of 13, he attempted to pickpocket a hooded figure, only to be caught. Raphael spent the next three years training, learning the art of the Assassin. Because one of my three current awesome betas Door1531, came up with a challenge. Naruto is taught how to work the crowd, but extra emphasis on discretion.6. Include my favorite couple (Naru XHina if you haven't guessed.)2. Why jump acrossroof-tops when every ninja inthe village does the same? I think that Naruto should have been at least mid ranked genin in power during the Academy. And honestly, we all know what Sasuke's got, so don't tell me emo gay boy isn't becoming overpowered . Team 9 has Neji, the tracker and support fighter, Lee is the powerhouse, and Tenten keeps enemies at range, along with medical skills.Instead of turning him over to tthe city guard, the man offered him a new life. At age 16, he joined the ranks of the Rome chapter of the Assassin Brotherhood. Hokage-sama, I wishto break this mold, I want ateam of ninja among ninja. Team 10 has a infiltration and information expert (Ino), a strategist and capture expert (Shikamaru), and a guy very good at breaking things (Chouji). I'm sorry, I don't care that they are made to be an attack team, and a tracking team.

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Romilda Vane infused some Chocolate Cauldrons with Love Potion and sent them to Harry.Sadly, she contracted an illness and died when he was 10 years old. During a vain attempt to return to his home, to stop it's destruction, to stop Madara, Naruto rebels against Kami. And the Third Hokage has found a born star the night Kyuubi attacks. There can only be one victor (Unless you know how The Hunger Games ends)4. I don't want Naruto to be some uber powerful kid (like a certain teme in Naruto), but still, you think he would have some skill.Raphael spent the next three years of his life on the streets, picking pockets and doing waht he could to survive. Don't follow The Hunger Games to closely, don't want a plagiarizer.5. BIll Alain's third challenge:"The League of Extraordinary Shinobi Challenge:"Shinobi these days arenot ninja, they are soldiers. All he has going for him is a freakishly high stamina, and determination. Naruto recently did gain two massive power boosts, but he's still woefully weak in comparison to the main baddie. When it comes to the four genin teams of Naruto (Teams 7-10), I will admit that Teams 9 and 10 are fairly well balanced.At no point does Ginny actually act like she wants Harry before hand in Half Blood Prince.

She even yells at Ron and threatens him for interrupting her make out time with Dean, and she is pretty happy with him.

A crush, an affection for someone that just appears out of nowhere, and pushes you to nearly obsess over the object of your affection.