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You should call the setup method before "DOM Ready", which is when SM2 applies configuration and starts up.

Below are the default settings for Sound Manager 2, which are appropriate for the majority of use cases - you shouldn't need to change them.

A CSS class of Sound Manager 2 started with a Flash 8 base requirement, but can also use Flash 9 and take advantages of some unique features Flash 9 offers.

By default Flash 8 will be used, but the version can be easily changed by setting .

This includes Windows Vista (and newer), and as of November 2013, Firefox Aurora (development builds) also on OS X.

For the cases where MP3 is not supported via HTML5, flash is used as the fallback support for MP3/MP4 as needed.

However, you can use strings (long story short, it's complicated) and whether or not they are "required" - that is, whether flash should be loaded if they don't work under HTML5.

(Again, only MP3 MP4 are supported by flash.) If you had a page solely using OGG, you could make MP3/MP4 non-required, but many browsers do not play OGG files natively.

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On the desktop and other devices with flash support, SM2 will still try for 100% HTML5 mode by default.

A flash fallback for these formats has not been implemented.

In 2011, Adobe suggested they would support OGG audio video (combined, the "Web M" format) in a future release of flash. You may need to make a few server configuration updates given the importance of MIME types and the use of certain HTTP headers when serving audio to HTML5 clients. HTML5 is not limited to OGG and WAV, of course, as the system is designed to be extensible.

Additionally, if flash support is present, means that MP3/MP4 will be handled by flash even if HTML5 support is present for those formats.

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WAVe (uncompressed audio) and OGG (a free/open-source alternative to MP3) are both supported in a majority of browsers via HTML5, so Sound Manager 2 will also test for support for these formats.When enabled, the Flash portion of SM2 will write debug statements within the Flash movie.

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