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03-Aug-2017 21:25

updating system management services aix-1

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eg 5300-04 is ML 4 SP - Service Pack (starting aix 5.3 ML 3) eg 5300-03-01 is SP 1 on ML3 TL - Fileset - group of files, eg libm VRMF - Version, Release, Modification/Maintenance level, and Fix.

eg Here are some example: smit mktcpip # configure network parameters smit chfs # change file system, eg grow/extend it.

AIX uses a pretty good volume manager out of the box.

Every FS can be expanded on the fly, so no special work is really needed on initial setup.

These deficiencies makes development in AIX extremely painful.

If a file is held open by the OS with a running program, it will not allowed to be overwritten (think Windows).

If you wish to install Linux, expect even more finickyness, as there are lot of small modifications between motherboards of different serial numbers.

However, it is stuck in the past, circa 2002, and so many of the newer Linux updates are not available.

If using ASCII console, F-keys are simulated via ESC Number keys.

The graphical icons won't appear, but the equivalent text will be displayed progressively across the screen: will boot from the cdrom and run the installer program, whereby it will prompt for install config info. SMS has entry to define boot device scan sequence, which is based on SCSI (lowest ID first).

It maybe good to add some RC scripts executed at startup: /etc/rc.d/rc N.d/ same as solaris, Snn--- script, but there is nothing in here from basic OS. AIX default system config is to have a few named rc scripts: /etc/rc.tcpip # tcp config, but could not start sshd from here at boot, so placed in rc2.d/S89sshd.

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/etc/# includes NIS, rcp /etc/rc.emcpower # emc added their own startup script here, which is called form /etc/inittab.

For example, there is no rpmbuild but use the old rpm --recompile.