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27-Jan-2018 01:10

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Even at that age I wasn't impressed for long and soon traded it in for a Hofner Clubman. I have a Vox Shadow that's sunburst, white pick guard that surrounds 3 solid chrome face pickups and the middle pick up has "VOX" engraved in it.

I'm looking for some info on a Vox Ace that needs much TLC . It also only has one strap peg at bottom since they used to put the other end of strap on a tuning key.

• The next digit of the serial number refers to the unit type. A 0 identifies the instrument as having a traditional soundhole, and a 5 identifies the instrument as having a Wing (offset) soundhole.

• The next two digits of the serial number refer to the number of units of that type built on that specific day.

Using this system, the letter “G” would stand for the year 2003.

• The first three numbers of the serial number are derived from the “Julian” calendar which associates each day of the year to a respective number from 1 to 365 in numerical sequence. The Shadow is a double cutaway solid body with six-on-a-side tuner headstock,with 3 single coil pickups, the hardware is chrome, it has a white pickguard, tremelo bar with a retangular cover over the bridge with the VOX logo on it. Four bolts without any plate hold the neck base to the plain body and a green decal above the pegs at top face of headstock reads: Shadow.

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