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Comparing the spent Fiocchi cases to the PPUs that didn’t light the first time, the strikes on the Fiocchis seemed much deeper.That can’t be, not if the all cartridges fit the chamber properly. No pistol can selectively strike one brand’s primers better than another. Despite the two-handed laser deployment, the Bodyguard 380 is an accurate, easy to carry pistol that’s also a fun shooter that will be enjoyed at the range.It has all led to this..this time, you will not interfere!Thanks to the enormous surge in concealed carry weapon licenses, the Smith & Wesson BODYGUARD series is a major league hit.If it had a lanyard ring, it could be hung from a gold chain and worn like a necklace. Ergonomics (firing) * * * * The grip is comfortable and even has room for all three fingers including the pinkie. The trigger is too heavy by 50%, but its smooth enough.

Did you honestly believe I would trust the future to some blind, half-night elf mongrel? Oh no, no, no, he was merely an instrument, a stepping stone to a much larger plan!On such a svelte gun, the integrated laser looks a bit like a double-chin on a fashion model.Ergonomics (carry) * * * * * It’s tiny, light and fits easily in a pocket, purse, IWB holster, jock strap or garter belt.Reliability zero – * * * * * This pistol has second strike capability, and boy did I need it.

I suffered an appalling 15% – 20% misfires with certain ammunition. OVERALL RATING * * * * The BODYGUARD 380 plenty accurate despite vestigial iron sights.

You can now head down to your local gun dealer confident that you can get a BODYGUARD faster than a freshly-minted Republican presidential candidate. First Impressions The .38 revolver fit is top notch, as you’d expect from a Smith & Wesson wheelgun. Aesthetically, the Bodyguard .38 looks like a plastic water pistol from 1958.