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06-Oct-2017 08:02

After watching helpless as they targeted about six people, the police arrived but one of the attackers who had been filming the assaults on his phone attempted to evade officers.

Mr Nosrati said the man, since identified as 19-year-old Faruq Patel, appeared “really relaxed playing with his mobile” but appeared to be deleting incriminating videos.

“Finally I got the mobile and gave it to the police.” The evidence and Mr Nosrati’s testimony was instrumental in prosecuting the attackers, who were jailed for religiously and racially aggravated assault and affray at Liverpool Crown Court on Wednesday.

Amin Mohmed, 24, of Perendale Rise in Bolton, was sentenced to 42 weeks imprisonment and Mohammed Patel, 20, of Eastbank Street in Bolton was handed the same term in a young offenders’ institution.

Vincent Tappu, 28, of Acton, is accused of two counts of kidnap.

The judge, Recorder Louise Brandon, said the question about Mohammed “confirmed those targeted that night were targeted because they were white and non-Muslim”, the reported.

“I decided to go in and do something by myself,” Mr Nosrati said, describing how he launched himself at Faruq in an attempt to grab the phone.

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