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Other parts of the operating system include the drivers that interact with the kernel, there are several layers of helper programs that deal with the user interface, the networking and other core parts of the OS that sit between kernel and the actual application.To give an example, I've shown the structure of OS X, as you can see on top of the Kernel (light blue) lies several layers of "core" functionality, system tools, services and APIs (Application Programming Interface) before you even get to the GUI which is what you typically work with in the actual applications themselves.Being a "userland" program does not make the shell any less the outside of the operating system, nor make it any less that which encloses the kernel.Moreover, far from being a DOS-only idea that doesn't apply to Unix beyond version 7, this idea is both widespread and current in the Unix world.Upvoted for being such a comprehensive answer with lots of interesting history (I wasn't aware of nucleus as a computer term - or its Latin etymology).However, I think it would read much better as a stand-alone answer if it didn't explicitly refer to another user's (now deleted) answer.Founded in 1885, the Buckeye Canal has a rich history in providing irrigation for over 130 years. Jackson, named the canal after his home state of Ohio.

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Once the kernel is booted (and initialised the hardware) it will attempt to hand off to other parts of the GNU/Linux Operating System which provide the functionality for starting services (such as UDEV which populates with raw device interfaces for programs to use things like hard drives and serial ports and so on) and programs to set up the network (dhcpcd) and APIs such as for applications to be able to show windows and icons though a Window Manager such as GNOME or KDE.

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